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What we offer

We are interested in being an equity partner, either a majority or minority share holder, through stock or through convertible loans. We like to come aboard regardless of the development phase of the company, whether it is a seed round of financing, an early stage phase start-up a high growth phase. Furthermore we’re interested in investing in reorganizations, restarts, M.B.O’s, M.B.I’s, turnarounds etc.

To participate

GreyRoads participation policy focuses on achieving an equity position in a few promising companies or ideas. We prefer investing in medical, direct marketing, telecom companies where sales and marketing are crucial factors for success, however, that does not imply that we’re not interested in participating in companies active in other business segments.

Financial requirements of companies we like to work with should be between $250,000 and $10,000,000.

Before we invest we like to agree with our potential partners about the amount of money a venture needs and what milestones need to be achieved. We also like to reach an agreement about our role and management contribution and how we can successfully work together. Last but not least we like to set and formulate the exit strategy and targets. For all of this we prefer to enter in to a participation agreement.

Early stage “seed” investments

To differentiate ourselves from other Venture Capital companies we do invest in start-ups and remain involved until the company reaches it goals. Whether you have a business plan based on a product idea, a prototype, or you own a existing small company that you want to grow faster, we would like to hear your ideas, thoughts and ambitions.

Expansive growth fase

Your company is operating, your products/services are introduced successfully and all the internal processes are in place. Now it’s time for accelerated growth; the introduction of new products, moving into international markets, expanding your market share through intensive marketing and sales effort. Maybe all this approaches at the same time! In all cases we like to contribute and participate.

You know that you have to adjust your present organization and that you need money, time and expertise to realize your goals. GreyRoad Ventures has extensive experience when it comes to rapid growth of successful ventures and to be very clear, that is what we like best! We have initiated and ran sales organizations throughout the world, we have built production plants in North America and Southeast Asia. We have established sales and distribution networks in the United States, South America and across Europe. We have established supply agreements in China and India. We truly have a global reach and have shown that revenue growth of more than hundred percent per year is possible.

Restarts and Reorganization

Every year many companies file for bankruptcy. When you’re concerned about the uncertainties of these turbulent economic times, but you’re convinced your venture still has high potential to become a success, we would like to hear from you. Maybe we can help prevent bankruptcy or provide the resources you need revitalize your company. Perhaps your current venture is beyond saving but as a entrepreneur, you know what needs to be done to make your original idea a success. We may be able to help you realize a second beginning, together.

Buy-in Buy-out

As a key member of your company’s management you have decided its time to take the reigns of your company. Or you have decided that it is time to move on to other opportunities and you would like to sell your equity position in your company. In both situations you need to have the necessary capital. We’re available.


You realize that your venture needs a an infusion of resources to turn around its fortunes or maybe you want to take over or lead a company. In both cases you need a turn around plan. We are interested in doing it together.