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What we offer

GreyRoad Ventures is interested in obtaining majority and minority stakes. We are happy to step in during the various development- investment phase that an organization goes through, whether that is in the seed - early stage phase or expansive growth phase. Furthermore, we are interested in investing in reorganizations, restarts, MBO's, MBI's, Turn Arounds, etc.

To participate

GreyRoad Ventures' participation policy is aimed at acquiring a shareholding in a number of promising companies. The focus is on companies with a truly unique or distinctive character where people and the sales and marketing process are the absolute critical success factor. We are happy to make clear agreements, not only about the amount of money needed for the company, but also about our role, the way in which we will successfully cooperate and formulate the exit objectives. We do this in the form of a participation agreement.

Early stage “seed” investments

Unlike others, we invest in a start-up at a very early stage, we also maintain our investment until the company has proven to be sufficiently liquid. Whether you have a detailed business plan based on a product idea or, for example, a prototype developed by you or whether you think you can grow your existing company faster through a new product or service, we are happy to listen to your ideas and wishes.

Expansive growth fase

Your business is running, your products/services have been successfully introduced and all business processes are working properly. Now you want to grow faster, maybe introduce new products, internationalize them or increase the existing market share of your product/service through an extensive marketing/sales effort. Maybe all three at once. You know that you need to adapt your existing organization and that you need money and knowledge to achieve your goals.

GreyRoad Ventures has extensive experience in growing successful organizations expansively and frankly we also like this the most. For example, we have established sales organizations all over the world, we have built and run manufacturing plants in South and Central and North America, as well as in Asia, and we have shown that sales/profit growth of many hundreds of percent per year is possible.

Restarts and Reorganization

Every year many companies file for bankruptcy. If there are such circumstances that direct perspective is not immediately visible while you still think that your company has more than an average potential for success, then we would like to hear from you. Maybe this way we can avoid bankruptcy. If your company no longer appears to be saving, and, again, as an entrepreneur, you are convinced that your company has a more than average potential for success, do not sit back. Together we can then realize a successful restart.

Buy-in Buy-out

A buy-out is understood to mean the independence of a company or business unit (MBO). The continuation of a company or business unit with new shareholders is called a buy-in (MBI). In both situations, it may be necessary to claim venture capital. We are available..


This involves the formulation and implementation of a strategic plan for the renewal and restructuring of your company. You realize that your organization is in need of a turn around or maybe you want to take over or run a company where a turn around is needed. We are interested in participating with you, of course, on the basis that we can acquire a share position.


Since 2016 GreyRoad Ventures also carries out Consultancy activities and Interim assignments. Wim Balkenende, Director consultancy, is your contact for this.