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GreyRoad Ventures is an investment company founded in 2007 by Hans Sleeuwenhoek. GreyRoad Ventures provides risk capital (between 3 and 10 million Euro) and participates in innovative and marketing/sales intensive companies, providing added value through the provision of capital, knowledge, experience and network.

In addition to providing financial resources, GreyRoad Ventures actively supports the organization concerned to achieve the set business objectives. To this end, the organization has recruited a management team of experienced managers and a network of advisory specialists. Decisions don't just have to be made. Different areas of knowledge can be combined with each other. The backgrounds of the managers and specialists are important in this respect.

Due to the size of our current portfolio of participations, we are currently no longer interested in new participation proposals that require a smaller financial size than the bandwidth indicated by us above.

Since 2016 GreyRoad Ventures also carries out Consultancy activities and Interim assignments.