Greyroad Logo
Mission Statement

We invest in outstanding entrepreneurs with passion, drive and commitment. Leaders or future leaders with a sound business acumen honed through experience, a superior business plan, a clear strategic vision. We help guide your company in the direction it needs to take to prosper and provide premier leadership skills to take the company forward. We invest in companies that make a distinct difference and have a competitive advantage.

We invest in medical, direct marketing, telecom or any other marketing & sales intensive companies with the potential to rapidly grow to become international world class leaders in their niche. We support companies with business expertise and financial support. Companies with the potential to rapidly grow to international world class leaders in their field of expertise.

GreyRoads Objectives

  • To genuinely contribute to the company in which we have invested so rapid growth, internationalization and market leadership can be achieved.
  • To offer and share our managerial experience and our human qualities.
  • To help structure the business so that, at the appropriate time, a successful exit can be realized and maximum return can be achieved.

GreyRoads Philosophy

In today's world we recognize that success is primarily based on the ability to recruit quality staff and retain them for a longer period of time. Ideally we like to facilitate these relationships by offering the opportunity to participate in certain ventures.

GreyRoads Values

  • We treat and approach everybody with care and respect.
  • We keep our promises.
  • We surpass our customers’ expectations.
  • We do what’s morally right.

GreyRoads Business Culture

The essential and winning elements that best describes GreyRoad Ventures work ethics are:

  • No nonsense, direct and personal
  • Honest, result driven and personal commitment
  • Compassionate, emotional and considerate