Greyroad Logo
Mission Statement

We invest in extraordinary entrepreneurs, whose passion, drive, commitment and entrepreneurial spirit is supported by enthusiasm and a superior business plan. An entrepreneur who also has a clear strategic vision about where the company should go and provides leadership to make the company make great strides forward.

We want to invest in companies with real distinctiveness or competitive advantage. Companies or plans that do not have to be bound by existing Dutch or European borders and that can grow rapidly thanks to our knowledge and involvement.

GreyRoads Objectives

  • Want to make a real contribution to the company we invest in so that expansional growth, internationalization and market leadership can be realized.
  • Delivering human quality and experience to complement our investment
  • Helping to structure the company in such a way that an extremely successful exit can be realized at the right time.

GreyRoads Philosophy

In today's world, we must recognise that success lies primarily in recruiting and retaining staff with the highest qualities, turning that potential into a constant expansion of expertise and knowledge and creating conditions to ensure that.

GreyRoads Values

  • We treat and approach everybody with care and respect.
  • We keep our promises.
  • We surpass our customers’ expectations.
  • We do what’s morally right.

GreyRoads Business Culture

The essential and winning elements that best describes GreyRoad Ventures work ethics are:

  • No nonsense, direct and personal
  • Honest, result driven and personal commitment
  • Compassionate, emotional and considerate